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Выбирая продукцию ОАО "БелКредо", Вас привлекает

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Как подбирать мужской костюм по фигуре


 So, you need to buy the perfect costume for her man. Naturally you need to suit looked like a glove, and only emphasized all the advantages, skillfully hiding some

male figure flaws. Try to give practical advice on how to pick up men's suit on the figure, if you decided

buy it and not sew custom-made.

 How to choose a costume for men with a solid full figure.


   Choose clothes large size of the following types:

 · Single-breasted jackets model with soft lines and a fitted silhouette semifitted or two or three buttons;

· Extra length will give the male figure wearing a vest under his jacket from the same cloth;

 · Pants must be free, direct, with tucks along the belt line;

· Uniquely suit should be completely sewn from the same fabric;

 · If protruding belly pick wide tie, up to the upper abdomen;

 · Give preference to the soft tissues and dark shades can with vertical lines.


 · Jackets with wide lapels and patch pockets;

 · Double-breasted jackets models also get better

· Party;

 · Strongly suggested to take pants with cuffs;

 · Bright colors, as you know, full, so they too

 Choosing a men's suit and the high thin figure

 In this case, the main task is to make your man visually wider and a little larger.


 · Model double-breasted jacket with wide lapels, they will visually expand the torso of a male figure;

 · Loose hips trousers with wide trousers also give additional volume figure;

 · Can safely take pants with cuffs;

 · Desirable to abandon the vest under his jacket, but if it is very much needed - then select it from the tissue of a different shade than the suit itself;

 · Play on contrast - pick up a jacket and trousers completely different colors, or even from different tissues;

 · If you want to visually subtract man growth, then the best option would be to model the jacket with patch pockets and wide lapels, fastened with two buttons;

 · Choose the fabric of high and medium density.


 · Single-breasted jacket;

 · Where possible, refuse vests;

 · Long vertical lines is better to choose a colorful fabric with a large picture, or choose a monochromatic fabric light shades.

  Terms matching suit on a man of short stature

 · Choose a jacket, only covering the buttocks;

 · High-waisted pants;

 · Striped fabric, narrow tie;

 · Straight trousers without cuffs.

        If men are not sufficiently broad shoulders, then help workout in the gym and in the cage jackets, as well as with increased shoulder pads. At the same time, men with "shake" the figure should choose pants with low waist and loose hips.


 Successful you purchase!