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Выбирая продукцию ОАО "БелКредо", Вас привлекает

достойное качество изделия - 33.3%
разнообразие выпускаемых моделей - 0%
используемая ткань и фурнитура - 0%
приемлемая цена - 66.7%

История предприятия ОАО «БелКредо»

231400 Novogrudok, str. Sovetskaya 39, Grodno region. Republic of Belarus.

 In Grodno regional state archives there is the document in which it is said:

 «Novogrudok Sewing Factory» was established under the Decision of the CPC of BSSR № 154 from 7 July 1944 in Novogrudok town, Baranovichi region.

  In December 1953  « Novogrugok garment factory» joined the Belglavshveyprom.

  Since 1956, « Novogrudok Sewing factory»came under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Light and clothing industry of the BSSR , and since 1958,  factory was administered by the Department of Light Industry of  the BSSR.  

  The date of state registration in the Ministry of BSSR Novogrudok Garment Factory has acquired the right to a legal entity.

  There is a house number 7 in the Grodno street. Earlier, It was a half destroyed three-story building. There, before the war, a sewing workshop was situated, which was sewing ladies' coats and men's suits.

 These premises were taken for the main building of a garment factory. The factory was set up to sew men's and women's clothing from the customers` fabric. At the same time, factory fulfilled orders of the military units to repair satchels and military property.  The equipment was missing, premises were half destroyed.

 First, professional tailors were invited. They were taken to job with their own pedal and   manual drive sewing machines. Quantity of the staff increased. During the 1945 there were 132 people hired, who had to be taught a garment production profession. Training courses for stuff were created. Initially, all work was carried out by an individual, the product was manufactured by one worker from the beginning to the end. Labor productivity was low. It was decided to divide sewing operations and make the product by several workers. Labor productivity increased by 4-5 times.

 Difficulties of wartime demanded strict discipline. For being late of more than 5 minutes,  an administrative penalty has to be imposed,  up to  transfer to the court. Despite all the difficulties, the number of workers was increasing and the plan was overfulfilled.

 For their good work and labor discipline best factory workers were stimulated. They were awarded warrants for tailoring mens wool suit and warrents for tailoring womens costume. Best workers were awarded coupons to get shoes. Persons convicted of truancy (1947) were decreased the norm of bread per 100 grams.

  In 1947, the factory acquires the batch of sewing machines brand "Union." Factory works in two shifts.

 In 1957, on the basis of sewing and knitting factories, one unified garment factory was organized. As time went on, number of workers increases, workers become more skilled,  production improved. In 1970 one new production shop for 750 jobs was put into operation.

 The year of 1995 went down in history of the factory as critical, as the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.But the factory withstood.  120 units of new equipment for wet-heat processing were acquired as well as more than 160 units of special and universal equipment. The factory was converted to single-shift operation. A lot of attention is given to the working conditions at the company. For this purpose, major repairs of industrial and residential use were conducted.

  The labour of garment workers is not going unnoticed. In June 1997, being members of the "International Partnership for Progress", factory was awarded a diploma and a prize "Golden Eagle", for achieving high performance in the field of economy and quality of products. In February 1998 on the results of the program, as one of the best companies, factory have been awarded a diploma and a prize "Grand clichés d`or." According to the results of 2000 the factory was awarded the pennant, "winner of the competition for the title of " The Best Enterprise of garment industry. " According to the results of 2001-2003 years of the national competition of clothing industry enterprises factory team took 1st place and 1st place among the industrial enterprises of the region.

 Much work is being done at the factory in respect to quality. For 2003, the factory became the winner of the Republican contest "Best Goods of Belarus." In the same year collective of the factory become a Laureate of the premium of Grodno Executive Committee for achievements in quality.

  In order to improve the effectiveness of the quality management, "Novogrudok Sewing Factory" in 2004 certified quality management system in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2001. High performance in work and the quality of the products were awarded international diplomas and prizes, the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus "For achievements in quality", Gold medal of the II Moscow Interregional Forum "Country of childhood" of 2008 Moscow, Gold medal at the exibition- presentation of "The Belarusian quality" in Moscow in 2008, and many others.


Still remains a topical issue of modernization and renovation of fixed assets through the creation of new technologies, the introduction of technological equipment with more progressive characteristics.

  The factory is equipped with modern sewing equipment of foreign firms: JUKI, BROTHER, RIMOLDI, PFAFF, DURKOPP, SINGER, etc., system of the automatic  design  INVESTRONIKA,  new equipment for wet-heat processing BRISAY, automated cutting complex with a cutting head of the company GERBER (Germany)

 Range of processed fabric is very high - it's cashmere, wool, polyester, linen, cotton, cloth, rayon, and various combinations thereof. Great experience, the use of high quality fabrics of known manufacturers, trimmings of the highest quality, as well as strict control at all stages of production allow "Novogrudok Sewing Factory" to manufacture garments which meet the needs of the most sophisticated buyer. The main feature of the company - an amazing combination of good quality and low price, that makes clothing available to different layers of the population.

  Long-term cooperation with foreign firms of the EU, USA, and Russia has a beneficial effect on the image of the factory. The range of products made from raw materials offered by Western and Russian partners, has a great diversity: men suits, jackets, skirts, pants, dresses and blouses, professional clothing.

 In June 2010, the factory was transformed into JSC "BelCredo." During the past period the company acquired extensive experience in the manufacture of garments. The range of products of JSC «BelCredo" wide and varied. The company specializes in the production of clothing for men: suits, jackets, trousers as well as for boys of all ages.

  The collective of the factory is proud of its enterprise, value their work. The team lives, works, and is convinced that not only the beauty will save the world, but first of all, the people who create this beauty due to everyday work.