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Выбирая продукцию ОАО "БелКредо", Вас привлекает

достойное качество изделия - 33.3%
разнообразие выпускаемых моделей - 0%
используемая ткань и фурнитура - 0%
приемлемая цена - 66.7%

 Experimental shop

Design and development of new models in the organization is part of the planning process of production - performed an experimental shop. Fashion designer and constructors experimental workshop within a year developing collections of products according to the season "spring-summer" and "autumn-winter."





Main stages of design and development:

• Market research;

• bring to the developer collection of garments customer requirements (the results of marketing research);

• Preparation of technical specifications for the adjustment models;

• approval of the sample-standard products on a new model of CTS;

• development of technical description of the new model;

• Development of technology of producing a new model (sequence);

• Developing norms of consumption of raw materials, labor;

• preparation of production.