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Выбирая продукцию ОАО "БелКредо", Вас привлекает

достойное качество изделия - 33.3%
разнообразие выпускаемых моделей - 0%
используемая ткань и фурнитура - 0%
приемлемая цена - 66.7%

Sewing workshops

 The enterprise two sewing workshops, providing production of finished products. In sewing shops applied brigade form of labor organization. The number of teams making the skirt and trouser products is 55 people. The brigade, specialized in tailoring jacket male population is 71 chelovek.Kolichestvo models, sewn in the team for a month, up from 5 to 17. Each brigade has

Sewing workshop equipped high-performance equipment: universal - 385 pcs., Special - 290 pcs., For the WTO - 169 pcs., Which ensures high quality of manufactured products. As part of the main technological equipment used sewing machines from manufacturers such as: «Durkopp», «Juki», «Pfaff», «Strobel», «Rimoidi», «Wastema» etc. For wet-heat processing equipment used by companies: «Brisay »,« Malavazi »drugie.master and flow master and assistant engineer, supervisors OTC, which follow the course of the process tailoring.