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Выбирая продукцию ОАО "БелКредо", Вас привлекает

достойное качество изделия - 33.3%
разнообразие выпускаемых моделей - 0%
используемая ткань и фурнитура - 0%
приемлемая цена - 66.7%


                                     Open Joint Stock Company "BelСredo"



                                                    QUALITY POLICY


Our main goal - to confirm the image of "BelСredo" as a reliable partner, able to provide stable quality, competitive products, profit for economic independence.


Management commitment:

- guarantee issue of garments that meet the requirements and expectations of the customers,

- to ensure sustainable profit of OJSC "BelCredo", its stable economic situation and development of production in the interest of staff, customers and the general public;

- confirmation of the image of "BelCredo" as a reliable partner;

- creating conditions for the required level of quality of the products at optimum cost.


Implementation of commitment is achieved by:


- ensuring that the quality management system of JSC "BelCredo" meets requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 and continually improve its effectiveness;

- The implementation of innovative projects, including the introduction of new equipment and advanced technologies to improve the quality of products;

- conducting market research on the demand for products, the development of new overseas markets;

- rational use of all resources to reduce the cost of manufactured products;

- ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers and consumers;

- systematic professional development of staff;

-  increasing the responsibility of each employee for the results and quality of work that determine the success of the collective as a whole.



Director                         A.Bahar