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                                                             OJSC "BelCredo"

                                       POLICY ON OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY

MOTTO: safe working conditions - an important factor in increasing the productivity and quality of work, the provision of health, environment, welfare.


                              THE POLICY GOAL OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY

The main goal of the policy is to avoid and (or) reducing the influence of dangerous and harmful factors of the process on human health. The policy aims to ensure that every worker is satisfied with the conditions of labor, to raise productivity and quality of work, life and health of employees (employee leaves the workplace such as healthy as he was before coming to work.)

Introduction to the production of modern technology and management systems aimed at increasing profits and customer satisfaction as well as to minimize, and eventually complete elimination of production risks and risks associated with the probability of the impact on the environment and humans.


1. Creation of system of identification of occupational hazards, assessing risks. Ensuring continuous risk control, conduct preventive and corrective actions to prevent and reduce the occurrence of injuries to work, occupational diseases and accidents at work.

2. Providing a basis for the establishment and regular review of goals and objectives in the field of labor, increase the effectiveness of interventions.

3. Compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements for the protection of labor, which are obliged to carry out, and which are associated with the hazards in the area of occupational safety.

4. Engaging employees to active participation in the management of occupational safety and health.

5. Ensuring the awareness of interested parties in the field of labor. Рopularization of the company activities   in the field of labor.

6. Continuous improvement in safety.

7. Take appropriate measures to prevent industrial accidents and occupational diseases and to provide timely medical care

                           THE WAYS OF ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE SET TASKS

1. Systematic analysis of the safety, inspections, audits, risk assessmentsand reducing their level to acceptable values.

2. Development and implementation of measures aimed at improving safety.

3. Coordination and control of activities aimed at the prevention of accidents at hazardous production facilities, and preparation for the localization of accidents and their consequences.

4. Improving education and training programs with regard to health and safety, to maintain or improve skills.

5.Organization of seminars, meetings, case studies and other information  on the work of excellence and achievement in the field of occupational safety.

 6. Informing employees of the company of new developments in the field of occupational safety, industrial hygiene, the safe production, use of new materials, and other activities that contribute to improve working conditions.

7. The use of modern means of individual protection and new technologies in the field of labor.

8. Introduction at the enterprise of new technologies, conducting timely maintenance and repairing of technological equipment.

9.Providing financial and logistical support for the implementation of the planned activities for the protection of labor, to meet the orders and instructions of the parent and regulatory organizations for the protection of labor.

10. The top management of "BelCredo" takes responsibility for the provision of funds and resources to ensure the implementation of this policy, the continuous improvement of the OSH management system and its effectiveness, and encourages all employees to support the activities in the field of health and safety in their daily practice.


Director              A.Bahar